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When presenting your brand voice, and in assessing the feedback that evokes, a fresh, objective and grammatically correct set of eyes can make all the difference. There are many means of written connection with your audience, some within the realms of social media, post captions and written content for paid social advertising for example, and many outside of it, like newsletters, press releases, website copy and editorial features, amongst others.

When implemented with goals and strategy in mind, the outsourcing of written assets can save time, bolster first impressions and improve efficiency and focus within the core team whilst enhancing and streamlining your overall communications.
An official statement, delivered to members of the news media, for the specific purpose of communicating information, declarations and announcements intended for public release. The importance of structuring and phrasing your release in order to maximise impact, and provide all of the necessary information in order to reach the public via the press channels you approach, could not be greater. Waffly essay style press releases simply never make it to publication. An understanding of “boiler plate” content, the order in which things should be conveyed and the streamlining of information to best suit the recipient are all elements of what we do for each of our client's press releases.
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As the home of any brand, your website should showcase your services, core values, tone of voice and style. Although social profiles are often a potential customer or competitor's first point of call, your website is almost always consulted once the initial trust and intrigue has been provided by your social channels.

Defining your overarching content goals and appropriate copy for each page whilst ensuring consistency in tone and approach throughout is hugely important. A website should communicate your unique offering in a compelling and authentic manner, allowing visitors to gain a thorough understanding of your brand in order to maximise the chances of converting them from potential customers to a loyal ones. In this way, the power of copy, and the credibility it gives your website, is equally important to that of design.
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The key difference between advertorial and editorial content is that the latter is not devised to sell or drive conversions. Good editorial content is designed to inform, educate or entertain. At its core, editorial content is about providing true value to the reader. Unlike the average advertisement, editorial involves integrating your brand into articles to be featured on other websites with the intention of providing an enticing link back to your own site, where the advertorial content then takes over.
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