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The two most established and effectively executed forms of online advertising - essentially the practise of advertising on the internet - are Google Ads and Facebook Ads, also known as Paid Search and Paid Social. Both offer ways to reach new audiences, increasing traffic to your profile and website, but there is a defining difference; Google Ads find you new customers, while Facebook Ads help new customers find you.

Of any social network, Facebook boasts the highest monthly active users (or MAU's) whilst Google processes more than 3.5 billion search queries daily, offering unmatched access to engaged users, actively searching for goods, services. Offering valuable insight as well as profitability, the two have been incorporated into successful digital marketing strategies, across every sector of business, around the world.
Facebook Ads, or paid social advertising, enables precise targeting of Facebook and Instagram users. Tailored to goals, objectives, audience, and strategy, it employs specific targeting and tracking methods. Selected written and visual components are strategically presented on users' feeds, reaching those most likely to engage with the content based on their interests and interactions. Additionally, paid social strategies extend beyond Facebook and Instagram to platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok. 
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Previously known as Google Adwords, this popular means of advertising provides a tried and tested method of reaching new customers.

Paid search advertising makes use of written content and keyword targeting. By “betting” on the determined keywords and phrases in a digital auction we jostle for position on the Google rankings on your brands' behalf, with the “pay per click” method coming into effect every time a user clicks on an ad.
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